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Send these long lasting red arrangement that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, and affection

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Birthday Truffle Cake

The Incredibly delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake is the one to lust after. Laden with Rich Creamy Molten Chocolate on the inside, and Chocolate bars on the top, this freshly baked Chocolate Cake suitable for celebrating special Birthdays, Anniversaries etc and making them more memorable.

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Black Forest Cake

Black forest is a flavour which is fragrant, sweet and romantic. Make someone”s day delightful with this Half Kg Black forest Cake

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Black Forest Cake

We kept this Classic cake untouched and unblemished because we feel it’s perfect as it is. Baked with the richness of cocoa and lusciousness of fresh vanilla cream, topped with soft chocolate shavings and fresh cherries, this delicious cake will make you surrender to the zest forces of Sweet Indulgence. Savour the original taste of the all time classic- The Black Forest.

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Black Forest cherry Heart

Want to send something as unique as your Valentine? Well, here’s one for you. Decorated with lashings of cherries and fondant, there’s no other reason to put it directly in your cart. It’s an ultimate delicious indulgence that can steal their heart instantly. Be thoughtful this Valentine’s and shop to send black forest heart cake.

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Black forest choco

The classic Black Forest has reached another level of indulgence with sweet chunks of 5-Star loaded on the top of richly whipped cream. The triple chocolate layer makes this Black Forest a mouth watering temptation. Wait No more! Savour the unforgettable treat that tastes like pure magic!

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Blue Orchid

Send these long lasting 6 blue orchid with vase that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, strength, refinement, and affection

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Butterscotch Cake



Always and Forever Delight! Pick this moist and smooth cake adorned with crunchy butterscotch chips on the sides and celebrate the New Year Eve with great enthusiasm by sending this to your beloved friends and family.

Product Contains:

– Cake Flavour- Butterscotch
– Type of Cake – Cream
– Weight- Half Kg
– Serves- 4-6 People
– Candles & Knife Included

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Love Red Roses

So full of red, that it would remind you of your loved one again and again. This elegant bunch of 24 red roses is beautifully attractive  Roses remind us of the gracious memories once lived and the love once felt from deep with. Send this curated bunch  so full of memories today!

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Orchid Love

nspired by the colorful and exotic blooms you’d find on a tropical island, our long-lasting bouquet of rich purple orchids will give someone special in your life their own piece of paradise! Send a bouquet of 10 blooms… or double their delight with beautiful blooms.

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Pine Apple Cake

favourite flavour of everyone. Your kids are going to enjoy the lusciousness of this Pineapple cakes as much as adults and elders. Topped with gooey Pineapple jelly, freshly-sliced Pineapple, and cherries, this cake covered in whipped cream is sure to win everyone’s heart.

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